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Hello Sunshine!

Blimey. It seems like we’ve got our first pop of 2013 sunshine in Britain. And even though it’s still only 6 degrees outside, people look a darn sight happier than they did yesterday.  

So I finally feel like I can turn my attention to summer fashion.

Yes, I realise that I look like a total wally prancing around my house in sunglasses and a hat, but I thought I’d do a cheeky “fashion show” of some of my recent holiday purchases, even if it’s still too cold to actually wear any of them in the real world just yet. Plus, I found a maxi dress that’s LONG enough. And this I obviously need to share…

Aaah, the sheer unadulterated joy that comes with finding a maxi dress that touches the floor. It’s something that average-sized girls will never fully appreciate. I’ve had mixed success in the past with Next’s Tall maxis… some of them haven’t been the floor-sweepers I’ve been after. But this one with its pretty geometric/ Aztec print fits my six-foot frame down to the ground (literally), with a little to spare for heels. (Read the reviews: “Way too long….” Love it!)

Tall Maxi Dress, Next £28/ Hat and Bag, River Island/ Shirt, Forever 21

I’m off to Vietnam soon, and I’ve been slowly acquiring a few long-length goodies for my holiday wardrobe, so keep your eyes on the blog over the coming weeks for summery frocks, pretty separates and cute sandals in larger sizes. And if you have any summery suggestions of your own… please share the wealth!

Anyone else bought clothes from Next’s Tall range before? How have you found the fit?

L x

Midi Dress for £11.24 — Today only!

Apologies for the fuzzy photo and rushed post, but I’ve found a “25% off” voucher code for New Look and it only lasts until the end of the day.

This tribal-print midi dress — which I wore to my somewhat-too-messy-for-a-Thursday birthday drinks last night, is already a bargain at £14.99, but you can save a few quid if you enter the code VCFF2052 at the checkout.

Dress, New Look/ Bag, H+M/ Necklace, H+M

It runs fairly large — I actually ended up getting the small because there were no mediums in the shop, and it’s snug but comfy.

The current trend for midis is an absolute godsend for us tall girlies. Anyone found any pretty ones lately? 

L xx

Birthday Lunch

If there’s ever a time when you can eat yourself senseless, it’s your birthday (or Christmas, or a hangover day, or a Tuesday…). I turned 28 today, so I went out for a lovely lunch with the mother to celebrate.

As well as taking me out for some insanely yum grub (I recommend The Canopy in Epsom… have the duck), Mum also played photographer this morning and snapped me in her garden using my snazzy new birthday camera from the hubby.

I have a couple of new pieces to share with you, like this lovely knee-length pencil skirt from ASOS. I love the current trend for all things monochrome and geometric, and this one, with its on trend front-split (“No Mum, I know how to put my clothes on, I’m 28… it’s supposed to look like that…”) is perfect for leggy lovelies. 

I’ve added an old Mango blouse and Next jacket, and accessorised with my new ASOS clutch bag.

Top, Mango/ Jacket, Next/ Skirt, ASOS £32/ Bag, ASOS £35/ Boots, Topshop (Up to a Euro 42 — a LARGE 42), £45

Now I need to decide what to wear for birthday drinks tomorrow night. Any ideas??

L xx

Laura in the Lakes

This post is about tall activewear. But it’s also (and perhaps more so) about the fact that EVERYONE needs to get themselves to the Lake District. It’s quite simply jaw-dropping.

Friday night‘s dazzling Olympic opening  ceremony showed the world why Britain is Great. We produced Dizzee Rascal and Mr Bean for heaven’s sake.

And after my weekend away in beautiful Keswick, I’m more convinced than ever that I’m ruddy lucky to be British. You really don’t need to venture too far for breath-taking landscape and tasty grub.

Anyway, let’s press on with the clothing (because other people’s holiday pics are pretty dull).

Most of the outdoorsy clothes I could find in longer lengths were designed for men, and as such were a bit on the dreary side. But this ladies’ Helly Hansen baselayer was  gorgeously girly and had sleeves that fitted perfectly. It kept me super toasty when the winds hit, but the breathable fabric made it cool enough to wear when my heart was racing and the sun was finally shining. Clever eh?

(Just in case you were very worried, Tim and I don’t have matching hats… I just nicked his when the rain got too much. We might holiday in the Lake District but we’re not ninety.)

I also wore Craghoppers trousers because they come up mega long (and you can buy them cheap at TK Maxx and Sports Direct).

A Regatta fleece (another Sports Direct bargain) kept me toasty while rowing out on the lakes.

(I don’t think I missed my olympic calling… I was absolutely pants at the rowing. Plus my legs were too long to get the oars over the top if I put my feet on the footrest… doh).

When not trekking up a mountain or rambling around the water’s edge, I wore my Long Tall Sally wax jacket and fitted right in with the locals. (You can pre-order the new belted version at LTS — very Olivia Palermo).

Also… if you have an enormous appetite (that’s a tall thing, right?) then feast your eyes on the cow pie my husband and I devoured at The George pub on the Saturday night. (I had the half-portion… and struggled to finish that. Tim was SWEATING).

And I’m pleased to say that — despite a touch of vertigo (me) and falling over in spectacular slapstick fashion (Tim) we made it to the top of  England’s highest mountain, Scaffel Pike (3209 feet).

Quite lovely to stand on the summit platform and — for a few short minutes at least — be taller than everyone else in England.

Where’s your favourite place to take a Great British holibob? Please do share your suggestions and let the lovely international members of our community know why the UK rocks. 🙂

L x

The Simple Things

Sometimes it’s the simple things that have the biggest impact. Watching the sunrise. Hearing a newborn baby cry. The cast of The Only Way is Essex.

Today I decided to do away with the prints, heels and chunky accessories and go back to basics.

This black cotton midi dress (£22) caught my eye when I saw it on a 5’10 model while trawling the ASOS website the other week. (ASOS offers free, WORLDWIDE delivery. Not sure how it can do that but I’m not gonna ask any questions…)

The scalloped front and low back (deep enough to show off some skin, high enough that you can still wear a bra) add a little bit of interest, but it’s plain, simple, easy-to-wear and super-chic.

And while it’s stretchy and figure-hugging, it’s not made with hideous acrylic fibres that will make you drip with sweat in the (wahey!) sunshine. Yes. We have sun again. It’s as though Boris bought it in especially for the games (not unlikely). And since I’m off to the lakes this weekend (against the flow of opening ceremony traffic… hope my theory works), I am feeling particularly pleased about that.

I’ve even got the alien toes out (hello!). And I’m pleased to report that my new Shoesissima sandals (now £57.69 in the sale) stayed comfy as I traipsed around London on a bit of a Tried It On-athon. Which, come to think of it, really should be an olympic sport. Way more exciting than table tennis and with excellent sponsorship opportunities…

I’ve now taken my Tried It On escapades to Twitter. I’ll still be bringing you lots of changing-room pics/ outfit photos on here, but in order to bring you as many tall fashion finds as I possibly can, I’ll be uploading lots of extra bits as soon as I find them via @tallthings.

And you can do the same. Tweet me, add your pic and the hashtag #triediton. You can check out my latest changing room photos (including a divine Alexander McQueen frock — yes, I started to get a bit above myself by the end of the day…) over on the ATTT Twitter page now. Who wants to get the ball rolling? 😉

L xx

The appeal of the Pencil Skirt

It can often be tricky to work the trends and still look a little bit sexy.

Most of the time I find myself dressing for girls rather than boys. After all, they’re the ones who are more likely to notice the effort I’ve gone to. (And anyone who says “I only dress for myself and I don’t care what people think”… well… big respect points. I also think you may be a bit of a fibber though…)

But the pencil skirt trend has an all-round appeal, and this H+M number (£12.99), with its pretty floral pattern, will hopefully draw admiring glances from both genders. (Well it worked on my hubby, who’s always complaining about the ridiculous tent-like clothes that I seem to wear). The high-waist and thick stretchy fabric are particularly good for the tummy-conscious (me), and the floral edging (very Sportmax S/S 12) has a slight optical-illusion effect without being blatant about it. Win.

I’ve balanced it out with a drapey top (also H+M, £7.99) to give it more of a playful daytime look. I’ve not rocked a cowl-neck since the 90s, but Pippa Middleton looked pretty good in her bridesmaid dress, so I think it’s about time the trend was resurrected properly.

I’ve also gone big on the sunglasses (New Look, £4.99 — I can’t buy anything more expensive because I’ll just sit on them). They’re a bit round and geeky, but only a bit. I reckon my leopard-print clutch from Topshop (my absolute fave but an oldie… sorry!) makes any outfit look fit, but I think the clashing print stops it looking a bit too safe. And I dug my bright suede teal Dotty Perks shoes out of the cupboard because they just seemed to be made for this skirt.

So that’s 21 quid for a top and skirt… decorated with about 50 quid’s worth of accessories. I’m happy with that.

L xx

Tie-Dye Tee

Perhaps I’m on a bit of a bad-taste trip this week, but I found myself drawn to a bit of tie-dye yesterday. I spotted this blue studded cover-up (£26) in Topshop’s beachy section, and thought it would look rather scrummy on a leggy lovely with skinny jeans for a summer festival or picnic in the park. I’ve worn it with my New Look pink wayfarers and feather earrings to bring a hint of Ibiza to my rain-soaked garden.

Coffee and a Catch-up?

Hey gorgeous lovely beautiful sexy tall things!

(Too much?) Okay, I am just mega sorry that I have neglected your long-length fashion needs for the last week.

June and July were already set to be busy months for me work-wise, but then I got a new job. So juggling that with my prior work engagements — while also covering the occasional bout of sick-leave, has meant some seriously long days. Luckily I am loving every minute of it, but leaving for work at 10am and arriving back at 4am on a couple of days this week has meant that my blog time (not to mention the slightly less important sleep time) has had to take a back seat. And I’ve been experiencing constant blog-guilt and withdrawal symptoms. (Honestly, I hope when I have a child I love it as much as I do All the Tall things…)

The good news though? When things calm down, this new job is 3-4 days a week. Which is exactly the kind of work that I’ve been after since I launched All the Tall things. Now I’ve got a good chunk of spare time to focus my energies on building this blog into a successful, recognisable brand for tall women. (Hey, we can but dream eh?). I’ll still be taking on bits of freelance work (modelling/ presenting fashion shows… it’s all blog research at the end of the day!) but now I get to really focus on you lovely ladies.

Those of you who read the blog every day (I ruddy love you!) will know that I’ve had a freakin’ rubbish start to 2012. My gorgeous hubby suffered a brain tumour, had to endure some rather horrific surgery and post-op complications, and boy has it changed my perspective on life. I’m not any closer to jumping out of a plane, but I am hell-bent now on only doing the things that make my little stone-cold heart sing.

That doesn’t mean I have to behave like a grown-up though.

A few weeks ago I went to meet Judy Rich, the founder of Long Tall Sally. (You may remember that I interviewed her last year for this very blog). This time, our conversation was more about, um… me. And what I want to do with my business. (It’s very strange referring to All the Tall things as a business. It’s just me, on my laptop, sitting in my slippers and having a good old rant). While she’s unable to mentor me (due to an ever so GLARINGLY OBVIOUS conflict of interest), I have to say that I’ve never met anyone so completely inspiring, so wonderful to be in a room with. She blooming rocks. And as I was sitting in her North London house, surrounded by pretty persian rugs, antique coffee tables and old club chairs, I realised that I just want to actually be her. But also be me.

So whether that’s turning the blog into a huge success, developing my own clothing range or becoming a mentor for tall women struggling to cope with their beautiful height, I’ve now got the space to do it. I’ve got the fire in my belly and I can’t blooming wait.

Obviously I’ve also been having a lot of fun too. I’ve had to squeeze in a little bit of play time. On Friday my friends and I threw a surprise party at mine for our newly engaged pals Katy and James. (You wanna see the sapphire and diamonds on that girl’s finger… seriously blingin’).

And more excitingly, over the last few weeks I’ve been gradually decorating the All the Tall things office in my house. If I’m going to turn this blog into a brand, then I need a work-space that reflects my vision. Here’s a little sneak preview. (It may need a blog post all of its own once decorating is complete…)

So how have you all been? Any new long-length purchases you’d like to share? Got some gorgeous new shoes on your feet? I’ve missed ya.

L xx

P.S. I promise that tomorrow I’ll be talking FASHION, what with this being a fashion blog and all…

P.P.S. Hubby is doing very well now… back at work full-time and slowly getting his face moving again. He’s a proper little trooper.

Stylist’s Picks

I don’t really chat about the day-job much on All the Tall things, but there are definitely times when my working life crosses over into my blogging life.

About a third of my working week is spent on modelling assignments. Usually they’re more of the “lifestyle” or “commercial” variety, (i.e, “we need a smiley looking girl-next-door type to look like she’s having the time of her life while eating in this restaurant/ wandering down this sand dune/ talking to this bank manager.” I’m not your stick-thin, edgy looking trendy model type. I’m more of a girl-nextdoor, enjoys the occasional cheese ‘n’ pickle sandwich kinda gal. And that suits me just fine. (And yes, I’m aware that the suggestion I could be considered anything other than super skinny is really quite ridiculous. But the fashion world is a ruddy ridiculous place.)

For a super-tall girly like me, what’s great about being this type of model is that my shoots aren’t normally about the clothes. Usually it’s more about playing a part; I might be a student, an office worker, a mum (yes, I’m even starting to get those parts now at the grand old age of 27) or on a date with some handsome chap, smiling like a crazy loon and cracking out a fake laugh every now and again. It’s not rocket science. And about 70% of the time, I can wear my own clothes.

But occasionally there’s a bit more of a fashion edge, and it’s in these instances that the clothing side of things can be a bit of a pickle. I’m a 10/12 girl, with size 9 feet (but usually manage to squeeze into an 8 for shoots when is absolutely necessary… just for a circulation-cutting twenty minutes or so). As with shopping in the real world, being dressed for shoots can be a bit of a headache when you’re 6ft tall. It can be bad enough looking for clothes yourself, let alone turning up to a shoot where a complete stranger is styling you and hasn’t bothered to check your measurements.

Claire Wasey... amazing style, amazing hair colour.

Which is why it’s lovely to work with a stylist who knows my quirks, understands my proportions and can cope with my long limbs. I’ve worked with the lovely Claire Wacey a few times over the last year-and-a-half on a shopping centre ad campaign, and she’s developed a great eye for what will fit and suit me. And since I’m always desperate to buy everything she puts me in, I thought I’d share a few of her clothing choices from yesterday’s studio shoot.

I’ve never owned a pair of leather (or indeed pleather) trousers before, but after seeing these long-length beauties from Oasis (which fit my 36 inch pins), I think it might be time to make a Ross Gellar-style resolution. They look super hot with this chiffon Warehouse top and Oasis jacket too.

At the moment I’m also rather drawn to little collar adornments – any jewellery that makes a feature of your shirt neckline. Claire pinned a little chain of bling to the blouse and gave it an edgier look.

Claire says “Harem pants are great for tall women, because they work at any length”. Don’t worry if the hem of your trousers sits above your ankles. The billowing hips and tapered bottom will stop them looking like ankle swingers. Plus these leopard-print lovelies from Zara really show off the gorgeous shoe boots that Claire brought in (available up to a size 43 from Next, and the slit at the front makes your ankles look super slender). I ADORE this Republic necklace too; it’s one of those pieces that will transform a tired looking vest-top.

And I’m loving this figure-hugging red number from Zara with its racer-style neckline. Perfect for girls with a bit of shape and ideal for those parties when you know you’re going to bump into the ex.

You can check out Claire’s fabulous style blog here.

L xx

I Heart Blazers

Ever since my teenage years, I’ve had a bit of an obsession with blazers. Aside from black eyeliner, a wonderbra and a questionable NUS student card, a black blazer was in the eyes of me and my friends at least – a surefire way to make the club bouncers believe that you were a grown-up.

I’ve still got that black Topshop blazer that I used to wear when I was 16. It’s probably the only item that’s survived school, uni and starting work, and I still whip it out of the wardrobe every so often for meetings, going to the pub and… um… funerals. Even if it does remind me of a slightly trashy youth spent drinking Taboo-and-Lemonade and singing Abba songs at Karaoke.

Now that I’m in possession of a totally legitimate form of identification though, my blazer of choice is a coloured one. This beautiful mustard-yellow waterfall jacket is from Next, and gives my years-old Dotty Perks dress a 2012 update.

Blazer, Next £32/ Necklace H+M £9.99/ Bracelet, Dorothy Perkins £10

What I love about the blazer though, is just how blooming easy it is. Throw it on a jeans-and-vest combo, add some heels, and you’ve turned a dull-as-dishwater outfit into one worthy of a night on the town. The green blazer below was just 12 quid from Primark. Yes, I have to roll the sleeves up to avoid them flapping inches above my wrists, but at that price, I can cope. It’s also perfect for adding a bit of coverage and class to those slightly-too-slutty-but-you-love-them dresses. You know the ones?

Blazer, Primark £12/ Jeans, Topshop £38

The waterfall jacket — with it’s feminine folding lapels — is a twist on the traditional blazer. The black one below (an oldie from H+M), adds a bit of interest to this vintage dress.

For tall women, blazers are a great way to bring movement and shape to a long torso. But finding one that’s long enough in the body and the arms can be tricky. So here are some gorgeous Topshop jackets designed with you in mind…

Tall blazer, Topshop £40/ Tall Waterfall jacket, Topshop £55/ Tall Blue Blazer, Topshop £45

Anyone else found any lust-worthy blazers on the highstreet that work for us leggy lovelies? If you’ve got one in your wardrobe, then why not snap yourself wearing it for Reader Style Friday? You can send the photo to

L xx

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