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Tried It On: Wishbone

It’s lovely when a new brand lands on my radar, especially when it turns out to be quite a leggy-friendly sorta place. I’d never heard of Wishbone and its pretty prints and zesty colour palette, until ATTT reader Kathryn pointed me in its direction.

Facetune (1)

Kathryn writes, “At last, a midi that IS a midi…! I’m 6ft, size 12, and fell for this dress (£75) from new brand Wishbone (in John Lewis). First dress I feel good in since having my little lad 8 months ago. I’ve got the pencil lime green skirt from wishbone (£85) which also hits JUST under knee. Def a brand for tall girls :)”

Dress, £75, Skirt, £85, both Wishbone @ John Lewis

Thanks Kathryn. And that is one smokin’ post-baby body petal.

Found an amazing maxi dress, a tailored blazer jacket or a pretty tee that looks great on your Leggy Lovely frame? Drop an email to with the details.

L xx

Tried It On: The Oscars Gown

Nothing strikes fear in the heart of a Leggy Lovely like the prospect of a black-tie ball. Back in 2011 I recalled my experiences of my school prom, and having to have my floor-length skirt made especially by my Auntie Anne.

Occasionally though — with a bit of perseverance — you can strike gold, and even buy OFF.THE.FLIPPIN.RACK.

6ft ATTT reader Katie shows that a good old scavenge can really pay off, after chancing upon this beautifully embellished dress from TK Maxx.


Katie writes, “I recently had a late works Xmas do, with an Oscars theme. So the impossible task of finding an evening dress long enough. I found this one in TK Maxx, luckily it was reduced to just £32 too. I wore it with 4 inch heels and am 6ft. Other than my wedding dress I have never found a dress this long without having it made for me.”


Thanks Katie. You’ve nailed the perfect Oscars starlet look. And I ruddy LOVE that you’re rocking four inch heels under there too. 

If you’ve got the patience to root through the rails, TK Maxx can yield some gorgeous long-length pieces. Over the years I’ve found a coat, jeans, maxi skirt and numerous summer dresses. Don’t give up after your first try. It’s one of those places where one day you’ll find diddly-squat, and another where you’re wishing you had a trolley.

What amazing long-length bargains have you found in TK Maxx? And have you spotted any other tall-friendly ballgowns on the highstreet?

L x

P.S. This dress is available online in a size 18, but it’s not at the discounted price. Worth a rummage in store though.

Dear ASOS. You are whipping us into a FRENZY.

Rumours of an ASOS Tall range have been circulating online since the early days of All the Tall things, and now it’s finally happening. I’m a little bit giddy with all the excitement. I think you might be too…

Like Game of Thrones Season 4, we have been waiting for this for a very long time. 

Dedicated readers of ATTT will know that ASOS is one of my favorite brands already, but the launch of the new specialist Tall range should hopefully streamline my shopping experience and save me many hours of trawling through the “midi dresses” in the hope that something might work. 

However, a few pieces have already landed on the website (a bit prematurely), and I feel like some of our original excitement has been replaced by worry. Aren’t the trousers, like, very short? Why are some of the models on the website 5’6? Is this going to be another Tall range full of cropped tops? And will this range pop up and dissolve like so many others before it, simply because it is not bringing us what we want?

Right. Stop panicking. Here are the facts:

  • The collection officially launches 17th April, although there are a few preliminary pieces live now.
  • All trouser lengths will be 36″. (I know you’ve noticed that the trousers on there currently are shorter, so the lovely ASOS Tall buyer Gina is looking into this because she thinks there may have been an administrative error. It might be that those trousers do infact have 36 inch inseams. I’ll let you know when I have an update).
  • Gina says “Newness will be added each week, our collection will be fully stocked with everything from playsuits to WOW pieces including amazing dresses”.
  • The fit-models (women who wear the clothes in the manufacturing process to help the designers know where all our lumps and bumps are), are all over 5’10.
  • For those who don’t know, ASOS deliver worldwide for FREE! So we can finally try on long-length clothes without being stung with a delivery charge.
  • The ASOS Tall team are watching All the Tall things very closely, so make your feelings about the range — and requests for particular pieces — ABUNDANTLY clear! (And no, they haven’t paid me in any way to write any of this, so you… and I… can be as HONEST as we like).

I’ve also rolled my sleeves up and decided to do some research of my own. Last night I got a tad click-happy on the website…


Tall Acid-Wash Dress, ASOS £30, Bandana, ASOS £6

I love this acid wash 90s style body-con dress. Even the circular zipper looks like something I’d have worn while getting thoroughly down on it to Outhere brothers at my primary school disco. The bandana (coz every majorly Ghetto girly from Surrey like me needs a bandana), is also an ASOS buy. Go a size down on the dress if you’re between sizes (this is the 10).


photo (58)

Tall Cami, ASOS £8

It’s always good to find some long-length camis for wearing with my bulging collection of jackets and blazers. I went for a 12 because I’m normally that in tops, but it looks like this one is actually sized for a tall girly, and I should have bought the 10. The fabric is a bit flimsy (you can see the tell-tale roll at the bottom), but it’s a useful addition to my wardrobe and a snip at 8 quid.


Four days of my working week are spent presenting The Jewellery Channel. (If you’re interested you can find out a bit more about my work on my dayjob website). I have to wear dresses with a slightly open neckline to show off necklaces (but not oodles of cleavage), and a nod to the trends (without a busy and distracting print). It’s often ASOS that I go to, because I can get it delivered next-day, and it means that I can change my outfits regularly without breaking the bank. I have to dress a little more conservatively than is perhaps my off-duty style, but that’s probably the case with most jobs. So I think there’ll be something here that works for the office too…

photo (63)

Tall Peplum, ASOS £42

I spied this Tall peplum dress that ticks all the above criteria. This one is the size 10. I think I’d still want the flappy “peplum” bit to be a little lower, but it’s a lovely shaped dress regardless.

These two aren’t actually in the Tall range, but they’re recent ASOS buys that I bought for The Jewellery Channel (bit of decolletage showing/ plain simple colours) that work perfectly on a tall figure…

photo (61)

Tall Lace Bardot Dress, ASOS £30

The lace one is a big fave; I’ve got it in the purple and red. (Buy up a size in the lace… mine’s a 12)

photo (54)

Tall Black Sweetheart neckline dress, ASOS £25

… and this LBD (which I’ve bought in the “longer length”) is great for layering up with jewellery or wearing under blazers. This one’s a size 10.

Soooo… the big question is. WHAT do you want to see in the ASOS Tall range when it officially hits on the 17th April?

Let me know in the comments section below.

L xx

P.S. Also I made the epic fail of not cleaning my mirror before taking selfies. And that big white smudge basically makes me look like I have a willy in a couple of the photos above. WOOPS. I don’t have a willy.

Tried It On: Animal Magic

Either I’m getting mega old, or M&S has stepped it up a notch in the style stakes. I keep seeing things that I love in its Oxford Street store, and 5’10 ATTT reader Enna’s latest fashion fix proves that there are long-length gems to be found.

Enna writes, “At a mere 5’10” I’m probably on the short side compared to a lot of your readers but, as the photo shows, this Marks Limited Edition dress is a nice just-past-the-knee length on me, so should be plenty long enough for anyone around six foot (or probably taller depending on how short you want it to be). More importantly, how much does that print want to be a Whistles dress, but for only £39.50?”

I’m with you on that petal. Now please tell me you’re also wearing some serious M&S hold-in knickers and that your figure isn’t actually that perfect?

L x

P.S. Send  snaps of long-length outfits (yes, I realise I’m due to share mine again soon too!) to

Tried It On: Honor Gold

Sometimes a picture of a dress pops into my inbox from one of you lovely lot, and I think. “Wow. Every single leggy lovely is going to want this.” When I got Kemi’s email, I actually think my heart stopped beating for a good few seconds. Her dress is flipping amazing. 

Kemi writes, “Earlier this year I attended my brother’s wedding and discovered a brand called Honor Gold. At 5’11” I’m on the shorter side of tall but I love heels and wear 5″ inch heels almost daily. Anyway, they sell maxi-dresses which are perfect for tall ladies. Here’s a picture of me wearing the “Alicia” dress. I’m wearing my heels in this picture. I bought the dress in a size Small (8-10) and would say it was true to size.”

kemi dress

Um, how stunning?! And how excited was I to click onto the website and discover that this goddess-worthy dress is also a rather princely £65? Cue the stampede.

Dress, Honor Gold £65

A beautiful find by a beautiful lady. Well done petal. Please do add your appreciation in the comment section below.

L x

Send your Tried It On pics to

A fabulous flapper dress, a ma-hoosive necklace and a very camp cake

Hey Leggy Lovelies!

How the ruddy hell are you? I’ve got a bit of a back-log of outfit photos to share with you because of day-job craziness right now, but I thought I’d skip back in time to my friend Jen’s 30th a couple of weeks ago, since I’ve had a lot of questions about the outfit I put on Facebook. Again, excuse the blurriness of my desperate-for-an-upgrade-iphone.

jen's birthday

I didn’t have a chance to take any more pics on the night (mainly because I was carrying a MASSIVELY camp birthday cake that I’d made, so I couldn’t cart along a blogger-style camera too), but luckily we’d all chipped in for a professional photographer to take some snaps for Jen on the night, and I thought I’d share any where I and my massive New Look necklace feature. 


I absolutely LOVE this Topshop dress (£70). I highly recommend that we all get it and dance around together, because the drop-waisted, flapper girl thing is something us tall girlies pull off so well. 


And here’s the cake I made Jen. I don’t think I was exaggerating about the campness…


The birthday girl had also just got engaged, and since I’d set her up with my friend Mark six years ago, I was needless to say, QUITE excited when I found out. I’m wearing my black Topshop biker (currently on sale here).



I also wore the dress this weekend with a little black sparkly H+M jacket to attend my friends’ nuptials in Henley on Saturday. (Dress-code was laid-back and hat-less, in case you’re freaked out by my lack of headgear. I know it’s been a while since my last post, but I haven’t changed that much.)


Birthday Party: Dress, Topshop £70/ Jacket, Topshop Was £58, now £40 / Necklace, New Look £24.99/ Shoes, Very/ Bag, ASOS

Wedding: Jacket, H&M

Tune in tomorrow for a spectacularly gorgeous Tried It On from ATTT reader Kemi. Later this week, I’ll also be talking long-length knitwear. So have any of you found any pretty jumpers/ cardis that I can wack on my shopping list?

L x

Leggy Lust: The Topshop Autumn Dress

Hi Leggy Lovelies!

A few months ago I introduced a new feature called Leggy Lust, with the aim of spying out the best picks of the specialist Tall retailers like Long Tall Sally and Topshop Tall. It was intended to be a quick, bite-size feature to alert you when a fab new item landed in the shops. But after a few of you left comments expressing concerns about the fit of a few of the designs (yup, even specialist Tall ranges don’t know how to dress us), I decided that we still all need to see the clothes on genuinely tall women, wherever they’re from.I’d hate to direct you towards an item of clothing, have you buy it and then find that it’s way too short. That won’t help anybody.

So, in the interests of bringing you mega useful posts and quality over quantity, I’m going to try and road-test more of the garments. And ask you to as well! Yup, I pretty much make up the rules as I go along…

During the past couple of seasons, the good people at Topshop seemed to have totally lost sight of who they were actually making their Tall clothes for. Cropped tops, shrunken jumpers and teeny weeny camel-toe inducing playsuits are NOT what we need in our lives, actually. We can find those throughout the rest of the store.

But last week I noted a distinct lowering of hemlines amongst the Tall dresses, and some decent long knitwear too. This pretty tea dress is the perfect length and — uncharacteristically for Topshop — actually runs a little on the large side. I’m wearing the size 10.

topshop tall dress

Dress, Topshop £45

You can grab it here for £45. What would you wear it with?

L xx

P.S. Send your photos of any Tall range finds to the usual address…

The Maxi Gown

Hey leggy lovelies,

Hope you’re all wonderfully well. I’m blogging on a day sandwiched between two massive wedding weekends; the one just gone spent with my uni friends, the next to be enjoyed with my friends from school. And with two further weddings on the horizon this year, I’ve had a lot of outfits to plan. Thankfully my Vietnam loot is still going strong, and some of you may recognise last weekend’s dress from my holiday snaps.

If you feel self-conscious in heels at a wedding, but don’t want flats to ruin your outfit, then the maxi gown is your saviour. I wore this custom-made blue one at the spectacular wedding of my friends Liz and Dan last weekend, and remained comfortable all day long in some silver flatties from Next.


My beautiful girly friends all wore heels, and though I was still a good foot taller than some of them (just call me the midget magnet), I’d like to think that I wasn’t any less elegant. Until the end of the night, when I knocked over seven chairs and fell face-first in a field…


It was a bit rainy, so obviously I had to be chief umbrella holder. (Standard).


Only problem is, I tend to think that most maxi gowns don’t lend themselves to hat-wearing (in my head the structure/balance of the outfit usually looks a bit wrong), and you all know by now that I loves me a hat. Nevertheless, I made my outfit a bit more wedding worthy with my sparkly Grecian headband from ASOS.


But the most important dress of the day was that of my lovely friend Liz, who’d taken me shopping as her “stylist” to find the one. If you’re looking for a beautiful Grace Kelly-meets-Kate Middleton-meets-Sarah Jessica Parker style dress for your own W-day (and let’s face it, who isn’t?), then check out David Fielden (who will add extra length too).



Has anyone found any pretty maxi gowns, or know of any great places to have them made? If not, then you’ll just have to get your lovely selves over to Vietnam. ATTT reader Lydia read my holiday post and did just that. (Well, she might have had it booked anyway, but I’ll take credit for helping her find a decent tailor, and coming away with this goddess-worthy creation…).


I’d love to feature your wedding guest outfits from this year… so please send them to

What do you think of maxi dresses at weddings? And how many of you have worn heels and hats to your mate’s bashes this year? Big respect points for adding the extra height. Please do let me know if you have any good links to awesome headgear (I’m needing a new piece for this weekend).

L xx


Hello Leggy Lovelies,

I will never take blogging for granted again.

I’ve just been to a country where Facebook and WordPress are actually banned. Did anyone else know about the great Firewall of China? I was out in the far-east on a business trip with the shopping channel that I work for, planning to catch up on ATTT in the evenings, and realised that any form of social networking that I knew was forbidden over there.

I even started to miss Twitter. And we all know I’m pretty blooming rubbish at that.

Anyway, I’m back in Blighty and want to start with a post that I originally planned to bring you ages ago.

My amazing friend Katy is getting married in a couple of weeks’ time, so earlier this month we all went to Worcestershire on a glamping trip for a weekend of wellies and willies.


I wore my new white lacey midi from ASOS (£35), a classic summer dress that I’m sure I’ll be wearing year after year, and went all “earth-mother” with my accessories.

If you’re ever looking for a classy hen do idea, I highly recommend the Damson site for its twinkly fairy lights, luxury yurts and little log fire. You can still hear the crickets outside but there are floorboards and showers and pretty patchwork bedding. (Plus there are Butlers-in-the-Buff available nearby too, just in case it all sound a bit too civilised).



Dress, ASOS £35/ Belt, H+M/ Headband, ASOS £10/ Bag, Michael Kors £295/ Jewellery, from a selection/ Boots, Cutsom-made in Vietnam

Anyone else been glamping, or catching any festivals this summer? What’s your fail-safe outfit? Share your pics with us by emailing 🙂

L x

Filling the Gap

In search of some quality basics in longer lengths? ATTT reader and fellow blogger Jessica has spotted that Gap’s Tall Collection is now available in the UK and Europe.  I love the cute printed racer-back dress and classic trench.

gap tall

Most of the trousers are cropped for summer, but at an on-trend ankle-grazing length rather than a full-on pedal-pusher.

Great to have another go-to for long-length staples. Plus, if you enter GAPSTYLE at the checkout, you can get 15% off your purchase today.

Has anyone bought from the Tall range before? Perhaps you Statesiders — for whom Gap’s Tall range is mega old news — can give us your verdict.

L xx

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