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WIN a pair of Shoesissima Shoes

Ever seen a shoe competition in a  blog or magazine and thought, “Yup, I’d LOVE to win that beautiful pair of shoes… but as if there’ll be a pair in my size…”

Me too.

So I thought I’d right some wrongs.

This week, All the Tall things is offering you the chance to win a gorgeous pair of chunky-heeled sandals worth £79.99, courtesy of lovely large-size shoe brand Shoesissima.

Chunky-heeled sandals are everywhere thanks to the likes of Isabel Marant, Marni and Rag & Bone showcasing such styles on their S/S runways, but there are very few pairs available for us larger-footed ladies.

Enter the leather platform called “Kim” . If you’ve read my previous shoe posts, you’ll know I have something of a nudey fetish already, so this pair has fitted in to the family rather well. And it’s so versatile. Here are three ways I’ll be rocking mine this summer… (links to other products included where available.)

Beer Garden with the Mates

Top, Skirt & Bag, Primark/ Hat, River Island £16/ Necklace, Ark/ Bracelets, Republic

Date with the Boy

Top, Warehouse/ Tall Jeans, Topshop £40/ Earrings, Miss Selfridge/ Bag, Primark

Marbs* with the Girls

Dress, ASOS £25/ Necklace, H+M/ Bag, Next

*Technically I’ll be going to France with the girls this year… but I do wish I’d had this outfit when we were in Marbella…

All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning, is drop a comment below telling us what you’d wear your pair with.

Good luck girlies! 🙂

L xx

Ts & Cs

The competition is open to all Leggy Lovelies, regardless of where in the world they live. You must include your email address in the relevant box with your comment, but this will NOT be visible and will only be used if you are the winner and we need to contact you regarding your prize. Shoes are available in UK sizes 8-12. Regrettably we cannot offer bespoke sizes. Competition closes at midnight on 18/4/13. Winner will be announced on the All the Tall things Facebook Page on 19/4/13. 

Tried It On: Euro Fash

Like me, you’ve possibly found that that the European stores — such as Mango and Zara — tend to be a bit more generous in the old leg length. I used to think that it was because people were taller on the continent, but apparently it’s just more common for people on the mainland to have pieces tailored according to their height and shape. So most trousers in European stores will default to a longer leg-length, despite the fact that a lot of shoppers will have a few inches lobbed off.

A win for us. 😉

ATTT reader Jessica got in touch a little while ago, sending in a picture of some sexy long-length jeans from Blanco.

Jessica writes, “I’ve found jeans that fit in Spain at a store called Blanco (pretty good in a land where the average height for women is 5  feet 4 inches!), and they’re cheap…
These (my “New Year’s jeans, hence the slightly drunk-looking photo) were 16 euro, now on sale for 8! And I can wear them with a heel. I’m just under 6 feet, and the jeans have a 35 inch inseam. This is their basic boot cut, low-rise 5-pocket stretch jean. Super comfy and they can definitely go from parties to the classroom (with a shirt change). The quality is better than what you’d expect for the price – good sewing, nice texture, and the dye does not rub off on everything.

Many of their jeans (except skinny jeeans, but they look good cuffed anyhow) have a 35 inch inseam, so if you’ve got readers in Spain, I’d suggest they check this place out!”

Thanks Jess. Blanco is actually one of my favourite shopping haunts whenever I’m in Spain. And if you’re a Londoner, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s now a Blanco store in Westfield shopping centre (Shepherd’s Bush).

You can send pics of your long-length clothing finds for Tried It On to

Anyone else had more shopping success on the continent?

L xx

Tried It On: Trolley-Dash-Trish

You know I like a good supermarket sweep, and I’m LOVING the contents of Trish’s trolley…

6ft Trish writes, ‘Erm why has nobody told me about Asda long length jeans & trousers??? £14!!! A bargain, and there are lots of colours & designs. These are actually electric blue, even though they don’t look that bright in the pic.’

Found a top next to the tomatoes? Or a bikini near the bananas? Or a dress by the… er… dressings? Share your supermarket discoveries (or any other long-length finds) in Tried It On, by emailing your pic to

L xx


Coachella Cuties

Over the past two weekends, the world’s coolest and kookiest celebrities have turned out in their festival finest for Coachella. Katy Perry drew headlines for a very see-through frock, Vanessa Hudgens went hippy, Emma Watson flew the Brit flag in Burberry, Kate Bosworth accessorised her outfit with a hunky male and Rihanna wore… not that much again.

Here are three celeb festival looks that can be yours after a quick spree in the Tall specialists.

Kate Bosworth

Vanessa Hudgens


If you want to check out the original outfit photos, then head to Vogue. Anyone else muddying up at a festival this year?

Reader Style: Karen keeps it Real (and looks ruddy gorgeous)

I think I LOVE All the Tall things reader Karen.

She emailed me recently asking if I reckoned you lot would be interested in seeing some Tall range items on a “size-14, 6’1″ person as opposed to the faceless dummies they have on the website?”

And of course, my answer was a great big YES PLEASE. Here she talks through her delicious outfit choices…

Top from the in-store New Look Tall range (may it RIP), jeans from Tallgirls.

Dress from Fat Face, leggings LTS and shoes from Tallgirls (love these shoes and get a lot of comments at work about them)

Dress from Tallgirls, leggings from LTS

Dress and bag from Topshop (Would have to be very careful about bending down in this!)

Gorgeous. I want those clothes so much more when they’re off the mannequin and on a beautiful leggy lovely like Karen.

I seem to have collected a fair few outfit photos from you lot during my mini hiatus, so I reckon we ought to have a dose of Reader Style every week. What do you think? Anyone got a picture they’d like to share? You can send your snaps to

L xx

P.S. If any of Karen’s lovely clothes are still available, then you’ll be able to click through from the picture.

Fifties Americana

Tall South Print Dress, Very £45


Cadillac-motif clutches at Prada, preppy checks at Jil Sander and kitsch prints at Proenza Shouler signalled a step back to 1950s America for Summer 2012.

If you’re worried about looking like an extra in Grease, then just add a little hint of USA retro with some cats-eye sunglasses or a flirty full skirt. Or any of these lovely long-length items.

Left Column:

Middle Column:

Right Column:

Acne for Grown-Ups

The word “Acne” doesn’t exactly scream luxury — as anyone who spent their teenage years doused in Clean and Clear will attest to — but it’s actually the name of a hugely successful fashion and lifestyle brand born in Stockholm, with jeans that come highly recommended by Swedish reader Emma. (According to creator Jonny Johansson, ACNE was an acronym that stuck — despite it meaning the same in Swedish at it does in English, and initially prompting Harrods to refuse to stock the brand).

I generally regard “Tall” trousers as any with a 36-inch+ inseam, but I know that some of you are on the teenier end of the Tall spectrum and find it tricky to come by a pair of 34-inchers. 5’11 Emma, who lives in Gothenburg, says “You might think that as Swedish people are tall and all, it would give us a lot of tall clothes to choose from, but sadly this is not the case. I have found one brand, though, that always come through for me in regards to jeans, and that is Acne. Their 34-inch leg length is always enough for my legginess”.

I love the Flex Vintage (£170) and Needle Retro Sky (£150). Orders from the Acne website can be shipped worldwide.

L x

P.S. Anyone else got a 34-inch inseam and find themselves sandwiched awkwardly between regular highstreet lengths and those of the Tall ranges?

Denim Decisions

Conventional ideas about denim have been thrown out the window this season, and thanks to Topshop’s latest Tall offering, you can make your lovely long legs the talking point of your outfit. I don’t think I’ve ever owned a patterned pair of jeans (bleached, Steps-inspired 90s denim doesn’t count. And shouldn’t ever really be talked about to be honest). So I’ve been eyeing up the two floral-print pairs — they’re bound to inject a bit of personality into the trusty vest/jeans/ballet pumps combo.

Jeans, Topshop £38-£40

Which pair takes your fancy…?

Which Chelsea girl are you?

After my tan-tastic T.O.W.I.E post, lovely All the Tall things reader Tessa asked for a style feature about her favourite reality soap. Funnily enough, Made In Chelsea — with its awkward pauses, unbearable sexual tension and glossy-haired it-set — is fast becoming another of my guilty pleasures. (I really ought to start watching BBC4 documentaries…).

Made in Chelsea, currently showing on E4

Chelsea has all the designer luxury of Brentwood, but the money is older, the skin is dewier, the clothes are subtler and the big hair is actually natural (damn those perfect posh genes). Here’s how to channel your favourite cast member in clothes from the Tall ranges.

Millie (Princess Posh)

Rosie (Punky Posh)

Caggie (Pretty Posh)

Rah  indeed. Got a request for style post? Hit the Facebook page or leave a comment on the blog and I will do my very leggy best to help you out.

L xxx

Jump on the girlband-wagon

When THREE members of Girls Aloud don a pair of candy-bright jeans within the space of a week, you know the trend for coloured trews is about to go astronomical.

First trend-setting Cheryl went for a green pair (and yummy beige biker jacket), then Nicola was spotted in blue jeans (with fierce purple heels), and then Kimberley jumped on the girlband-wagon in a pink pair (keeping it casual with a denim jacket).

I’d so far resisted the lure of the coloured jean; after all, they’re not likely to be sticking around for more than a season are they? But then New Look reduced its Tall pairs to a mere £14. And Girls Aloud look pretty damn gorgeous in theirs. So I am powerless to resist. Take your pick from these three mouth-watering shades. (I’ve tried them on and they fit me perfectly… I normally wear a 36″ inseam).

Tall skinny trousers, all New Look, were £25.99, now £14

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