Can an average tall girl wear Taller than your Average?

Leggy brand Taller Than Your Average has been bringing high fashion to Long Tall Sally since the end of last year. After a flurry of media hype and a certain Jourdan Dunn rocking up to London Fashion Week in a shirt from Long Tall Sally (who would have seen that coming?), the range finally landed, with burnout fabrics, catwalk-worthy silhouettes and a neutral colour palette made for mixing and matching.

But there was a lot of flesh on show in its lookbook (golly LTS… I can see her crotch! That is so unlike you!), and the looks were bold. There were RIPPED JEANS for flip’s sake. Which made me wonder: had LTS gone from safe and reliable to… a little too fabulous overnight? Were its pieces (that look oh so uh-mazing on super skinny Jamie Gunns) actually wearable for a regular tall girl? Could they even be (and I realise I’m stretching things a bit here) suitable for a 30-year-old mother like me?

Thankfully the lovely Alice at LTS sent me a couple of my favourite pieces to try. Let’s see how my roadtest went…

The Duster Coat, £80

The Duster Coat has been a massive trend since the autumn, and since it is typically lightweight in style, works perfectly for spring’s in-betweeny, unpredictable weather. From my sweaty, under-the-duvet post-baby haze I lusted after the pastel blue number Kylie Jenner has been effortlessly sporting with jeans, dresses and just about everything else, so I was really pleased when LTS/TTYA released its own, especially since it’s a true mid-calf length on a six-footer. It’s super soft too.

Coat, Long Tall Sally £80/ Shirt, Dorothy Perkins £22/ Old: Bag, Oasis/ Boots, Topshop/ Glasses, Specsavers

The Sheer Shirt Dress, £65

After spending ages wondering how I was going to wear it (with a bra and knickers on Croydon highstreet perhaps?) I realised that it works best on me when used as an alternative to the cardigan or kimono. It’s more sophisticated and classic than either of those options too, so I reckon it’ll work well beyond the current season. It looks good thrown over jeans or a lacey festival dress and adds some decency and decorum to a shorts and vest combo (I am a mum now after all).

Sheer Shirtdress, Long Tall Sally £65/ Flat Buckle Boots, New Look £27.99/ Shorts, Topshop/ Top, ASOS

What are your thoughts on TTYA so far? Anyone made any purchases?

Got so much to share with you after a big long break, including my 30th bday outfit details, some other clothing pics, and a great way to buy and sell second-hand tall clothes coming shortly to ATTT. Stay tuned.

L xx

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27 Responses to Can an average tall girl wear Taller than your Average?

  1. I have tried on the yeti coat, the collar dress and found them both to have ridiculously long arms – I am 6ft 2. I plan to order the collutes outfit in powder blue.

    • Oooh the collar dress looks amazing. I did notice that the arms were long in TTYA, although it didn’t seem to matter in the above styles… Having a long shirt with long arms always seems like such a luxury to me! Maybe LTS should consider a tailoring service fir its ‘petite’ 6’2 customers! X

      • I was post pregnancy when I tried on the collar dress so I was up from my normal sizing so I wonder if I tried on my actual size whether the arms would be any better?

  2. Think the new TTYA items at LTS are a bit too fashionable for me (personally).
    I have the twist front midi dress from the TTYA website in black and green and I love them, a bit pricey but I think worth it.
    I always struggle with sleeve lengths (more than anything else) I tried a few long sleeved items and the sleeves go right past the ends of my fingers!

  3. I bought the TTYA thigh split maxi but from because I got student discount and free delivery/returns (delivery is £6 directly from TTYA website!).
    They’re the only company I know who do the correct length in terms of leg length but most importantly – body length and arm length – something most ‘tall’ brands forget about!
    I agree with everyone else though – nice heavy, well made jersey items but really overpriced – not a great deal and makes me a bit cross that taller ladies have to pay through the nose for basics…

    • Hi Frankie, glad to hear they’re correctly proportioned for you… They are on the long side for some people (not a common complaint about any range normally!) How tall are you? Xx

  4. Laura from Canada

    It’s nice to see some edgier stuff in genuine tall sizes. Some of it isn’t for me, but that’s how it always works. Generous sizing, nice long sleeves, designed properly, maybe a bit pricey. What we always say about LTS, in other words. I’ve spent a *lot* there this year.

    I tried on the V neck crop top and concluded I need to some more situps. On the plus side, it actually fits like it should. F21’s crops look like a sports bra on me. 🙂

  5. The only TTYA at LTS item I have is the white scuba biker jacket from the first collection. I must say I love it so far. I find it very flattering (I’m a smidge over 6′ and in LTS I normally take an XS – with other companies I’m 8/10 on top and 10/12 on bottom.) I have had a lot of compliments from people saying it’s unusual and flattering.

    I absolutely love the sleeve length, it seems perfect for me – but the fact is that not only do I have very long arms, but I also have broad shoulders. The broad shoulders tend to result in a slightly shortening of even “normal tall” sleeves, so these have worked out very well for me. With LTS coats and jackets I generally find the sleeve length is just about perfect, though sometimes I have had issues with other aspects of the cut.

    I preferred the first TTYA at LTS collection, I think – I didn’t see much in the second collection that I could really see myself wearing.

  6. I love TTYA for its edginess! I think its nice to see some alternatives to traditional cotton basics in black, grey and white!

    I haven’t yet bought from the LTS collection but I am seriously considering the black shorts since they look like they have great leg length. I do however have their key hole maxi dress from a while back and its beyond beautiful, definitely the sexiest thing in my closet! But as a relatively short ‘tall-ish’ girl it does need to be pinned or worn with super high heels so as not to drag on the floor! love the arm length though!

  7. Wow your body does NOT look like it’s been housing a growing human, you look amazing! Personally not 100% on the duster coat, but the shirt dress looks really gorge x

  8. Hi Laura, I’ve bought the metallic rose gold maxi dress from the Winter 2014 collection (£28 in the sale at the moment) for my daughter for a School Ball this summer. It’s amazingly long – she is 6 ft 3 and it’s on the ground! At the sale price it’s a bargain – looks classy and very flattering on an eighteen year old. (No way you’d get me wearing it at 46 though as it exposes a lot of back flesh!). Also ordered the black ripped skinny jeans in the sale and they were horrendous – very tight and the rips were just too big and showed most of her thighs! You look amazing in your outfits! xx

    • Bet she looks amazing in her dress. A lot of the items aren’t compatible with a bra, so a bit off-limits while breastfeeding (and probably even more so when I stop!) but I would have LOVED that dress ten years ago. Hope she has fun at her summer ball xx

  9. I got really excited about the prospect of some more trendy clothes coming to LTS, but I have to say all the clothes I’ve seen from TTYA just seem a bit too trendy! Sadly there’s nothing I can really see myself wearing. Now if they could just strike a middle ground…

  10. I ordered the duster coat but I was so disappointed in it – mainly the quality of the fabric for the price, and the sleeves were massively too long.

  11. Hi, it’s great to hear other people feel the same as me about LTS. It seems they can’t hit the nail on the head – either too trendy or very old fashioned. Find it so frustrating that their basics and clothes (esp shoes) are so over priced for the quality. However I find myself relying on them for jeans etc due to the poor selection out there. Had a better experience at the more recent Irish pop-up-shop but only every trousers.
    Have you heard/tried ordering from Would love to get some feedback on it.
    Just found your blog recently and find it great. Pity I didn’t discover it while I was pregnant (tall + maternity clothes = nightmare).
    Aoife 6’2″

  12. Hi Laura! I bought the faux leather pants from the Fall/winter TTYA x LTS collection and haven’t find the day I couldn’t pair those amazing pants. This last capsule collection is so fashionable that you need to think twice if the garment really deserves to enter your closet, since I cannot imagine wearing some pieces to the office although I really like them! The coat looks beautiful on you but I specially like the shirtdress since it offers both casual and smart combinations. I live in Spain so thin coats do not work for us in the spring-summer season and we look for thick garments in winter (all or nothing!). I guess LTS needs to adapt a little bit and offer more wearable clothes keeping a fashionable touch. Hope the next collection reaches the equilibrium!
    Have a great week!

    Paty from

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