Hello Leggy Lovelies,

Hope you had a lovely weekend.

On Sunday morning I met some friends for a yummy brunch at the National Portrait Gallery cafe. Hark at us and our civilised ways…

That’s me with the Granola (spot the boring one who knows she’ll be wearing a bikini in two weeks’ time. What a dullard.)

I dragged my hungover self out of bed and attempted to look presentable in a new pleated red dress from French Connection (£85).

It comes with a belt (that you can wear on your ACTUAL waistline, not the one given you to you by most retailers that sits awkwardly under your bust), and an additional drop-waisted skirt detail that’s great for balancing out a long-legged frame.

I bought it originally for holiday-time to wear with chunky sandals, but for this wintry April I’m accessorsing it with tights, a Zara bag, and my (ridiculously over-worn) Topshop boots and biker jacket.

Dress, French Connection £85/ Biker Jacket, Topshop £58/ Boots, Topshop £45 (Up to a Euro size 42… a large 42)/ Zara Bag £49.99

Have you ever found any long-length loveliness in French Connection? There’s actually a fab FC find coming up shortly in a reader’s Tried It On feature. Stay tuned.

L xx

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4 Responses to Brunch

  1. Have just fallen in love with your Zara bag! If only I hadn’t already spent the entirety of my wages already this month…

  2. It’s a bag that means business!

    Or brunch… X

  3. Lovely dress! I’ve struggled in the past with work dresses from FC as the waist line is too high but have a lace back one.
    Good timing as there’s 20% off online tomorrow with French connection enter STYLIST 1 from 4pm until midnight 13/4

  4. Thanks huni… Have put this on Facebook x

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