Bitchin’ Stitchin’

If you’re a tall woman, you can really empower yourself by learning to sew. Can’t find a maxi dress with enough length? Make one. Tall ranges only making boring t-shirts? Customise them.

My sister and I decided a while ago that we’d stop buying each other pretty things and get each other experiences for our birthdays. Julie has always been on about taking sewing classes, so for her 25th, I decided to book us in for a skirt-making class with London Sewing.

I know there are lots of online tutorials to show you how to make things — and some fabulous ones at that — but when it comes to learning, nothing quite beats a good old-fashioned classroom in getting you really focused. Workshops of any kind are quite expensive in London, but I managed to get us booked for £24 each using a Wowcher. Which I think is pretty good for three hours of tuition.

Granted, my skirt looks a bit like a paper-bag, but it’s a start. I now know to use a lot less material before I elasticate the waistband.

And I’m slightly hooked. Next on my agenda is learning to make a maxi skirt at home. Maybe if I can fine-tune the formula, I’ll be sharing it with you lovely lot…? Or if you’re already a dab-hand at sewing and fancy contributing a “make-it” post to All the Tall things, then drop an email to

Anyone else found any good “experience” deals of the Wowcher/ Groupon/ kind? I’m now on the hunt for a hat-making lesson…

L xx

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5 Responses to Bitchin’ Stitchin’

  1. I made my own clothes when I was a teenager, no tall ranges to choose from then! Pretty sure I made maxi skirts/dresses & I remember my mum making my school summer dress from the school uniform material (just so the dress actually covered my bottom!)

  2. Love it! I am very arts-and-crafty. Just wish there were classes like this up north! When I was outgrowing jeans in my teens, I used to turn them into denim mini skirts – think I may still have one or two knocking about… will send you a snap if I find one xx

  3. Wow! Great job on the skirt! I keep hearing that sewing is making a “comeback.” It will certainly make for more interesting and creative clothing that fits!!

  4. I recently made myself a maxi skirt based on Lorenna Buck’s maxi skirt tutorial. I was actually shocked when I measured myself for the skirt and realised I needed a 43″ long skirt… No wonder the ones in shops never fit! I didn’t realise I was so leggy! Sewing for myself has been really liberating and now I make all sorts. Happy sewing!
    Faye :o)

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