Tall women don’t just want clothes that are long enough. We want to wear beautiful, unusual or exiting clothes that reflect our passions and personal style.

Tried It On

Buying clothes online can be a bit of a gamble when you’re not an average Jo-anne. So Tried It On is the feature that helps you find long-length clothing in “regular” stores RIGHT NOW. If you’ve found a dress/ skirt/ top/ pair of trousers that works on your 5’10+ frame — off the beaten track of Topshop’s Tall range and Long Tall Sally — then snap yourself wearing it and send in the photo, so that we all know where to get the goodies!

You can send your lovely leggy pics to

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  1. It is lovely to hear about other tall ladies – i am 6ft 3″ and I love every inch of it. But I do have a problem. I have made the bit sin of being tall AND fat. Now this just isn’t allowed in the clothing world. I can be tall and slender or short and fat but not tall and fat. Gets a bit depressing when I am stuck in my usual “uniform” of black trousers and an Ann Harvey top or jeans and t Shirt. But I do wear heels (being married to a man who is 6ft 7″ helps) and I love being tall. On the odd occasion i slim down 9and it has happened a couple of times) I do make people sick as i can wear practically anything (but never ever anything short). However, even at my skinniest I have lousy legs. They always manage to look chunky or dumpy – a hell of a feat when you consider my 36″ inside leg!


    • That doesn’t sound very sinful to me! I’ve got a few plus-size blog posts on here that you might like to read… These should give you some ideas about where you can find long-length clothes in bigger sizes (I love ASOS Curve… some of their models are 5’11, so look out for them!… and for a bit of a splurge, Anna Scholz is ace).
      You can read them all here:

      Also, bin the black trousers! There’s a fab plus-size blogger called Gabi Fresh…, and although she’s not tall, she shows you how to wear prints and brights with confidence!

      L xxx

    • Hello, I am tall, and whereas I don’t consider myself to be fat, the fashion industry on a daily basis informs me otherwise. The choice I had was to either slim down or walk around in my uniform of t-shirt and jeans. The latter has its advantages, one never has to waste hours trying to decide what to wear. It takes seconds to iron a t-shirt of a morning, and sometimes I even have time to iron 2. Yes, I’m a girl who likes to live on the edge!

      But alas, a lady can not live by a pair of jeans and a t-shirt alone – apparently. Besides, people tend to get a bit cross if you turn up at a cocktail party dressed in a casual manner – no matter how well you iron your t-shirt.

      Slimming is the logical choice, but having been blessed with my mother’s cooking skills, my father’s baking skills, and living within walking distance of Pizza Hut, that was never going to be a viable solution. Anyway, who wants to go about life as a bean pole?

      So I say pants – there I said it PANTS! to the fashion industry. I now make most of my clothes or on the rare occasion I find a gem that fits better than your average tent, I adjust them. I’m good at making embellishments and jazzing up a plain garment. All you need is the very basic of sewing skills and you can create an affordable mini masterpiece.

      It seems that the fashion industry allows only a certain amount of fabric per customer, hence, if you are short and fat, or tall and slim, you should in theory be ok. Good luck however if you’re short and slim or tall and fat, either way it’s an expensive trip to your tailors and who has the time or money for that?

      Currently, I’m in the process of a dress making project, using a green and blue print fabric (told you I liked living on the edge). Yes it will be time consuming, but I know at the end I will have a great dress plus matching accessories made from the left over scraps, and it will cost less than the often dull and boring items offered to those who dare to be over a size 2 and over 5ft 10 in height.

      Wishing everyone luck and love in the new year – keep being proud of your height, short or tall 🙂

  2. I’m the fashion editor for Barefoot Tess, an online shoe store for women’s shoes in sizes 10-15. I’ve found that most tall women wear larger shoe sizes and it’s ridiculously hard to find cute shoes!

  3. Hi lovely tall Ladies, I am a 6ft 1 and i am starting my own clothing website for tall women over the age of Up and running in a few months. I am fed up of trying to make high street fashion fit, never buying anything with a belt or long sleeves or bodys that pull under the crutch and then ping open and the bottom area streatched up to the waist the list goes on…. My issue is that there is a monopoly on tall clothing with only one company catering exclusively for tall women and charging too much money! Why should we have to pay so much because we are tall!! The other companys seem to aim at the younger market and the older I get the harder it is to find nice, glamourous, classic eve/day dresses in a bigger size than a 14 in tall, that do not cost the earth. Look no further, I am on your side ladies, and I would like to know what you would like in tall styles, what is it that drives you nuts about buying clothes? what are the styles you are after? This site is for you, please let me know. Lara

  4. Hi there, just discovered this and will definitely be back to check your blog out. I have started my own blog recently, but fashion is a tiny fraction of what I write about, so will not even try to compete with you. 🙂 I will be writing about tights soon, and a couple of more tall things, so would be pleased if you check my blog. I am on WordPress (like you),, and on Facebook: Not Another Tall Blog. Take care, best of luck with your pregnancy.

  5. Hi again, just to quickly say that I did finalise my humble findings on tall tights and have published it here: I personally find it a real struggle to find tall tights, so I do hope to make your life a little bit easier maybe. 🙂

  6. SWISH-Fashions- for-the-Tall has your perfectly sized, fashionably current and most of all, affordably attractive styles. While SWISH is an online boutique, the owner Kim will take the guess-work out of your online shopping experience. A friendly, modelesque 5′ 11″, there’s no question that she cannot answer about good fit and tall-styles. For designer styles, click on Melody Thomas Collection at
    Sizes are (2-14 and Small-XLarge).

  7. Designer styles in small to extra-large tall women’s sizes can be found at

  8. My on-line boutique, Swish Fashions for the Tall, offers designer clothes for the tall framed woman. Artist of design, Melody Thomas features her tall line, and proves nothing is spared in exquisite detail for The Melody Thomas Tall Collection. Along with Melody Thomas, Swish Fashions for the Tall includes other fabulous designer and design house clothing to put the tall woman high on the fashion pedestal.
    Kim Pagach – Owner of Swish Fashions for the Tall

  9. We have created a company that creates chic personalized apparel for women who do not fit in the “traditional” size matrix of off the rack. We embrace all sizes and have just launched our Indiegogo campaign to kick off our company. We want to help and know how to do it. Please support our mission.

  10. Hi, ladies!
    For a long time I gave up on buying clothes. When everything started getting very worn out, I had to devise a plan. I started making more myself. I also shopped at Long Tall Sally but their clothes are too safe and mature for a girl my age and style.

    Now I offer my designs for other people to buy too. I love dark and dramatic clothes. My style is very rock and very youthful. I hope it’s OK with Laura that I put this here but here’s the link to my shop:

    Have a great day, everyone!

  11. I’ve only just found this blog and have to say as a 6ft1 girl, size 14-16 (which although as seen as a larger size I feel for my height is pretty normal) I am glad to see there are other girls out there that have struggled as much as me in the past finding clothes that are long enough but also FIT well!

    The best recommendation I can make is ASOS Tall, new look tall(however new look trousers do not fit well although they are long), topshop and next. Any recommndatations for tall clothes sites are welcomed?

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