ASOS Discount Code and Tall Maternity

As if the ASOS Tall range couldn’t get any better, it’s now cottoned on to the fact that “tall” and “pregnant” are not mutually exclusive states in which a woman can find herself. There are several posts on ATTT that focus on long-length maternity and nursing fashion, and though I’m currently in need of neither (the onset of teeth at seven months left me with one less fashion problem to contend with), this ASOS news is very welcome indeed. Because while a lot of stores now carry a “Tall” and a “Maternity” range, very few have a range that offers both.

You can find ASOS’s Tall Maternity offerings here. The range is currently small, but thanks to some sell-outs (including a bump-friendly version of my favourite Ridley jeans), it’s set to expand.

Jeans, £30Dress, £35

Discount Code

Whether you’re dressing a bump or seeking out the perfect Christmas party number, you can get a 20% discount by entering the code PERFECT20 at the Checkout. Offer ends 8am Saturday.

I recently wore the pearl detail crop-top midi dress (£95) to my friend’s gorgeous winter wedding, which is still available in a few sizes here.


Happy shopping,

L xx

P.S. For a comprehensive look at all things “Tall” and “Pregnancy”, pop over to my post What to Expect when you’re (Tall and) Expecting.

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5 Responses to ASOS Discount Code and Tall Maternity

  1. This is welcome news indeed Laura! While I have yet to birth my first child, I am already a teensy bit worried about finding suitable clothing to wear if/when I have a bun in the oven. SO glad more retailers are realizing that tall women need all of the same speciality clothing as non-tall women.

  2. Hi there. I started a new blog that tackles this very issue. I just started it, but am looking at tall pants offering first. Each week, I will highlight another clothing type and help tall shoppers find excellent product offerings.

  3. Very cool! I’m glad retailers are wising up! By the way, you look simply FAB in that beige/tan/nude outfit. The top is STUNNING! Thanks for the lovely post!

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