21 Weeks Pregnant: The Search for Long-Length Maternity Jeans

Hey Leggy Lovelies,

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments on the blog, Facebook and Twitter following my pregnancy news. I’ve read them all and been so very touched by your kind words and helpful advice. I’m also still in the process of getting back to emails as well, so apologies if you haven’t had a reply just yet.

Fashion-wise, I feel somewhat fortunate that the majority of my pregnancy will be during the summer months (Baby Schof is due in October). I realise I may look back on this statement as rather naive when I’m sitting in a beer garden, drenched in sweat and eyeing up my friend’s glass of Rosé as the condensation trickles down the glass, but it does make dressing rather more easy and a damn sight less expensive. I doubt, for instance, that I’ll be buying too many coats and jackets, preferring instead to wear my current jackets open (perhaps with a light scarf). I’ve been living in elasticated maxi skirts (some nice ones available at New Look Tall and a surprisingly long jersey skirt at H+M) that sit under the bump, and I’ve been stretching any pre-maternity purchased lycra-infused dresses as far as they can bear.

But there is always a need for jeans, and while the weather has been mostly glorious of late, grey skies are looming. Herein lies the problem; most Tall ranges don’t have a maternity section, and those that do carry a very small number of bump-friendly pieces. Particularly for women like me who are fussy about the wash and cut of their denim. At 21 weeks, I’ve hit the point where I can’t wear my favourite jeans anymore. As most pregnant women seem to find, my bump is smaller in the morning and gets progressively larger as the day goes on. While I can still comfortably do up my stretchy Topshop Leigh Jeans when I wake up, I’ve unbuttoned them by lunchtime. And I have no hope of fastening my favourite ASOS Ridley jeans. So I’m on the hunt for a dream pair of maternity jeans or two, to last me until the end of my pregnancy. And given that last week I spent just shy of a thousand pounds on a buggy/ pram/ carseat travel system, a purse-friendly pair would be lovely.

The Bump Band

I’ve bought the ASOS Jersey Bump Band (£7) to wear over the top of my non-maternity jeans so that I can continue to wear them with the zipper down. It’s not ideal, but it saves a heck of a lot of money and means I don’t need to discard all my favourite pre-maternity purchases. It’ll also be useful later on, to layer under tops as they rise up over the bump. Depending on the stiffness of your jeans and shape of the hardware, you might be able to still see some lumps and bumps through the band, but I’ve only been wearing it to add a little extra coverage under longline tops so no one would notice. I’m also considering getting two (perhaps one in a different colour — they do them in nude and black) so that I can thicken them up or wear with other colour jeans.  They’re also useful when you’re not pregnant to add a bit of length under your tops.

I’ve worn them here with my ASOS Ridley jeans (you can hover over the pictures for links to products).

I’ve also worn a burnout Topshop t-shirt (neither Tall nor maternity), one of the many I bought to wear on holiday with my maxi skirts and elasticated H+M shorts.

ASOS Maternity Jeans

I do want a couple of pairs of maternity jeans though that will see me through to 40 weeks, and I think it’s worth buying sooner rather than later to get as much wear as possible out of them. I’m a 36″ inseam, but thought I’d give ASOS Ridley Maternity Jeans (£30) a go in  the Long (34″) length. They’re actually a very generous length (think Topshop Leigh jeans), and the waistband fits under your bump, which is a bit cooler for summer than the over-bump styles. I’ve bought them in my usual size 10.

However, they are majorly, majorly hipster, and while the length is great in the legs, these aren’t made with a tall bottom in mind (anyone else have one of those? I definitely do) so sitting down can be very revealing. I am actually meeting ASOS tomorrow, and plan to beg them to make a few Tall maternity pieces. I’ve worn them with a long-length Mamalicious T-Shirt (£25) (ideal if you’re pregnant or not, as the ruching at the side isn’t obvious, so I’ll continue wearing it as a baggy-style tee after pregnancy).

So while I will carry on wearing my hipster-rise ASOS jeans for now, the search continues for the perfect, comfort-fit maternity denim. I’ll definitely be pursuing a few of your ideas over the next few weeks…

Advice from Other Tall Mums about Maternity Jeans

H+M: Michelle recommends them for maternity jeggings in long lengths and Jane for their 34″ maternity jeans.

Noppies: 6ft 2 Louise founds maternity jeans by this Dutch brand. They deliver worldwide (and by Royal Mail within UK so you won’t get stung with huge postage).

Tall Maternity Store: Kimberley found her jeans in Mummy Long Legz (now Tall Maternity Store).

Mamas and Papas: Struggling to find a fashionable fit? Helen praises M+P skinny jeans as “the only ones skinny enough”. I love the look of their Boyfriend jeans.

Mamalicious: Ali says Jeans-wise, Mamalicious is our friend, with skinnies in a 34 inch, that are more like a 35-36 in some styles. I’ve just ordered the slim-leg jean so I’ll keep you posted on that. It’s available at ASOS so you can try different sizes and styles with free delivery.

Gap: Danish ATTT reader Katherine loved her Gap Maternity jeans when expecting.

Vero Moda: Another Katherine tip, Vero Moda makes long-length maternity wear in Denmark. But they’re not available in the UK. Hmph.

Topshop: Becca found Topshop’s 34 inch Maternity jeans long enough. Worth a try.

Thanks girlies. If you have any advice to add, please pop it below. And let me know if there are any other maternity fashion dilemmas you’d like me to investigate.

L xx

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18 Responses to 21 Weeks Pregnant: The Search for Long-Length Maternity Jeans

  1. First pregnancy I had various cheapish maternity jeans but all were droopy and knackered by the time I got out of them (some time post baby). Second time I got some Isabella Oliver Jeans in a sale. They aren’t cheap but I got loads of use out of them and they lasted well. Can’t remember what their long length is now but I’m 6ft and they were fine on me.

  2. Congratulations! Two pregnancies as a 6ft1-er have taught me that tall maternity jeans are really hard to find. I had some Noppies but wasn’t mad on their styles. I was very pleased with a pair of Isabella Oliver Bardot jeans. They are meant to be worn with a turn-up, but roll down the turn-up and voila – a 36 inseam maternity jean that is actually quite nice.

  3. allthetallthings

    Two Isabella Oliver recommendations in one go… will have to have a look! x

  4. Congratulations Laura
    I had a pair of Vertbaudet maternity jeans, which I literally wore to death. They measure their hems in cm and although 85cm is their longest inside leg, they were long enough for me. The ones I bought had an adjustable waistband which was great to accommodate a growing bump and I think made them fit for longer. They now seem to do a few more styles and colours

    H&m is definitely the best on the high street, and I got most of my leggings and t-shirts from there. New look was good for tops, as was Matalan and Asda is also worth a look, especially for budget conscious shopping.
    I refused to spend a huge amount on maternity wear, so I made do with a capsule wardrobe, and a couple of bump bands (the best invention ever for a tall pregnant lady) most of which I binned once I could fit back in normal tall clothes!
    Good luck and happy shopping

  5. I have a saved search on Ebay for anything in my size from the Tall ranges at LTS, Next, Dorothy Perkins, Top Shop or New Look and there are always lots of maternity trousers, jeans and tops popping up. I think if I was looking for maternity clothes I would definitely be happy to wear something ‘pre-loved’ – especially when all the rest of the baby kit is so expensive!

  6. What a great tip to use a pregnancy band for extra length on tops, even if not pregnant! I always have this issue…

  7. I also bought a little thing on amazon for expanding the waistband of jeans which was useful before the bump go too mahooshive. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Maternity-Waistband-Expander-waistband-available/dp/B005PM0HHE

    By the end of pregnancy though I found I cared less and less what I looked like as long as I was comfortable! I much preferred over-bump trousers (the sort with the massive pouch at the top) and leggings (I had Topshop maternity tall – and they lasted throughout) so there was no pressure on bump, and as soon as I got home I immediately changed into drawstring waist tracksuit bottoms or pyjamas!

    The other key thing is to get clothing you can open easily, or pull up or down to breastfeed in, because your belly will be big and wobbly for ages after you give birth so you’ll probably be wearing your maternity wardrobe for a while, esp if you end up with a section (mine has only just gone back to how it was, 2 years later). Similarly when you buy new bras buy BFing ones – Topshop do a really nice range which still have a modicum of sexy!

  8. I found that Seraphine jeans were long enough for me.

    They only advertise that their long length 33” but I’m sure they came up longer. A normal height friend recommended them as she had 4″ taken off the bottom of hers!

    They only advertise that their long length 33” but I’m sure they came up longer. A normal height friend recommended them as she had 4″ taken off the bottom of hers!

  9. Hi, forgot to mention this site: http://www.justmaternityjeans.co.uk/collections/tall-maternity-jeans.
    Has a range of brands but a desperate section for tall 🙂 xx

  10. Haha – autocorrect. I meant ‘separate’ section. It isn’t desperate, it’s actually pretty good lol x

  11. By the way, I’m not a fan of over the bump jeans personally, so I just roll the elastic on the Mamalicious jeans and use like a built in bump band 🙂

  12. Hi
    I took my own jeans to Trilogy, which has a few branches in London. For about £30 they replace the waistband on your jeans for a maternity band, which means you can wear your own jeans. This probably works best on low/ mid rise jeans and takes you to about 7 months. I did this for both pregnancies. I also bought some new look maternity jeans which were good first time but got quite baggy second time. They were inexpensive and just long enough. Another great item, particularly towards the end, was a non- maternity Extra Long Maxi Skirt from Tall Girls. Really comfortable and can be worn under the bump.

  13. Congrats on the big news Laura! So exciting. J.Crew has several tall maternity pants and jeans. They ship internationally…just not sure about shipping price and returns. https://www.jcrew.com/womens_category/maternity.jsp

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